The Association is managed by a board of directors nominated from area businesses at the annual general meeting held in October each year.  Board members and the Association’s budget are reviewed and approved by Edmonton City Council every year.

The current board members are:

Ed Stahl (Chair) – CEO, Stahl Peterbilt

Joe Murphy (Vice Chair ) - President, Fireball Equipment Ltd

Merrill Martin (Secretary) - General Manager, Martin Deerline

Mitch Mason (Director) - President, Western Truck & Trailer

David Wood (Director) - Plant Manager, Logoplaste

Mark Dobko (Director) - Branch Manager, Driving Force

Tereena Morelli (Director) - Islay Agencies

The Board meets bi-monthly or at the call of the chair to discuss members issues of concern and develop projects for improvements to the area.

Member issues and concerns may be discussed with the Association by calling Allan Schmidt, Executive Director at 780-905-2322.  Association members may also contact Board members directly with any concerns or issues they wish to discuss.