About the Association

 NWIBA About the Association


What are we?
Edmonton City Council created the Northwest Industrial Business Revitalization Zone Association at the request of the area business community, through a bylaw passed December 20, 2001. The Association was developed out of a community recognized need to organize area businesses to work together to promote our mutual interests and support projects that are beneficial to the area.

Who are we?
The Association is made up of approximately 300 businesses, which are all the businesses that reside within our geographic boundaries that are:

   North - Yellowhead Trail;
    South – 109 Avenue;
    West – Anthony Henday Drive;
    East – 170 Street.

The Associations goals are:
-To act as a focal point for the business community on it’s relationships with each other and the surrounding communities.

-To provide a unified voice for the business community in bringing forward issues of concern to the City of Edmonton and other authorities.

-To support initiatives that add value to the community as a whole.

-To support the continued development and growth of the area through improvements to the physical environment.

All businesses who have a City of Edmonton business license and are located within our geographic area are automatically Association members and have a right to participate in Association matters.

Frequently Asked Questions about Business Revitalization Zone Associations (BRZ)

What is a BRZ Association?
A Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ) is a commercial area within the City of Edmonton where business owners have combined efforts to enhance and promote their business area. Through services, programs and event production, BRZs help promote their areas as business and shopping destinations.
The membership of a BRZ consists of local business owners, with each BRZ governed by a member-appointed board. All businesses within a BRZ, including professional corporations, pay a BRZ levy.
BRZs operate as non-profit corporations. Programs, services and operations in support of each business district are financed by the BRZ Levy.

Why Establish a BRZ Association?
A Business Association provides a structure that allows businesses to work cooperatively and collectively to accomplish more than is possible individually. The business community can speak with one recognized voice in negotiating with authorities, such as the City or the Province.

How is a BRZ Funded?
Assessments are done annually on all businesses within a BRZ, by placing a value on any space occupied or used for the operation of the business.
The value is determined using typical net rents paid for similar space within the BRZ. Analysis of rental information collected from landlords, tenants and building managers is used to determine the value of different types of space.
The typical net annual rental value is based on averages in the marketplace and may not necessarily be the same as the actual rent paid for the space.

The members of the Association propose a budget and nominate a board of directors for the coming year at an Annual General Meeting. These two items are then submitted to City Council for approval.  Following council approval of the budget, a special levy sufficient to raise the budget amount is developed and a levy notice is sent to all businesses within the Association’s area.  The City, through the normal municipal tax billings process, collects the Special Levy which is returned to the BRZ in quarterly installments which are used to fund the association.